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Hello my name is Sarah and my friend Agustina is looking for penpal(s). She is 14 (15 on June 30). She loves bands, TFIOS, tattoos, tumblr, American Horror Story, photography, nature, smiles, funny things, writing poems, and hugs. She is from Georgia, USA. She is a a loving and amazing person and you would be lucky to have her as a penpal!! heres how to contact her : 

kik - over9000penises

email - perfectpurpleunicorn@gmail,com

Tumblr - words-sharp-as-knives.tumblr.com

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Name: Sofi
Age: 24
Location: Argentina
Languages: Spanish / English
Tumblr: http://flyingfishies.tumblr.com/

Hi! My name is Sofi and I’m looking for a pen pal! I would like a penpal who emails regularly and snailmails once in a while. Preferably someone around my age (22-26), gender doesn’t matter to me. I just want to meet interesting people and talk about our lives.  I would love to hear from someone in any country, specially if you are from Japan or China cause I love asian culture. Leave me a message via tumblr if you’d like to be my pen pal. 

LIKE: tattoos, cats, movies, series, things organized neatly, pizza, chips, cats, k-dramas, alice in wonderland, chocolate after 10, broen, and cats.
DISLIKE: liars, brussel sprouts and motorcycles with exhaust pipe.

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• Name: Gehad.
• Age: 17.
• Gender: Female.
• Country: US.
• Tumblr URL/Email: concreteblood/pavingnewpaths@aol.com

I’m a New York City dweller who simultaneously loves writing and wants to chop her own fingers off when she sits down to do it. I also love reading; reading and writing are mutually exclusive in my book — no pun intended. Traveling and linguistics are huge passions of mine. I can speak English and Arabic, and want to learn French and German. I absolutely love learning, anything and everything — people who know odd tidbits of knowledge attract me like nothing else. I love photography; I own a Polaroid camera, a Nikon D3100, and a good ‘ol film camera. Music is an extremely vital aspect of my life — I listen to indie rock, bluegrass, country, folk, alternative — really anything that doesn’t sound like cacophony. I own a record player so I end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on vinyl records and film (maybe you want to reconsider being my pen pal…if I ever lost my job I’d totally resort to living on your couch and mooching off of you ;)).

As for what I’d like in a pen pal, I’m pretty versatile. Any form of communication is fine by me — be it e-mail, snail mail, or tumblr messaging! Any gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc is of course fine. Things I consider a massive plus: anyone from out of the US, someone who can speak a foreign language, someone who would like to exchange prose, someone who’d like to exchange books/mix tapes/care packages, someone who is willing to provide a consistent stream of back and forth letter/messages.


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Name: Eve
Age: 18 
Country: Lithuania
Gender: female
Languages: English, Lithuanian a tiny bit Russian 
Interests/Hobbies: photography, books, movies, drawing, writing, tv shows, traveling, harry potter yus, f-r-i-e-n-d-s, art, music.
Personal message: Hey I’m Eve and I’ve been looking for a perfect pen pal for a while now and still I feel like something’s missing. I love traveling, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. I really love reading. Sometimes I read a book over and over again just to relive it and feel all those things again. And tea, I just adore tea. It is indeed like a hug in a mug hah. 
Contact info (email or Tumblr): http://mywarmbodyandsoul.tumblr.com/  wwfgreenpeace@gmail.com

About the penpal/s I’m looking for- I want to have a loyal pen pal who wouldn’t just stop writing me with no reason. I’m quite an open minded person and I want to meet more of this kind of people too. I want someone who could see the world from all the different angles who could see all the beauty around us, wouldn’t judge people and except everyone the way they are . What I’m trying to say is that I need more interesting and open minded people in my life.
Countries: any, although I’ve always wanted to meet someone from France.
Gender: any 
Age group: around my age group maybe from 16 - and older.
Languages: English 
Email, snail mail or both: at first we can exchange a few emails and then OF COURSE snail mail

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Hi there my name is Britta.
I’m 17 years old and I’m from Belgium, Flanders.
I love reading fantasy books, watching television shows and movies. I listen to all kinds of music, I don’t really have a preference it all depends on my mood. I like to travel a lot and take pictures. I would like to have a pen pal with whom I can e mail/ write letters to/ send gifts. Or someone with whom I can practice my French and German. I speak Dutch and English.


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hey, my name is fides. that’s fee-des. i’m from manila, philippines and i’m turning 15 in a few months.

it’s summer over here and the heat is crazy and i’m probably going to spend it in bed watching reruns of gossip girl and pretty little liars so i think it would be good to have a penpal to write to over the break. i’d really like to get to know people from other places - just anyone really. i would love to hear about your stories and nonsense :) i’m happy to speak with anyone. but i’d probably prefer it more if we were in the same age group (14-19 years old). what to expect of my letters? you’d hear about my summer, the things i’m getting into, see some photos i’ve taken, and probably a lot of rambling x

so here’s a little about myself. i love music, films & books. i play softball and i’ve recently began playing golf.  some of my favorite artists are bon iver, disclosure, vampire weekend, phoenix and work drugs. i love taking photos, right now i’m trying to stock up for a great camera. if i had a ticket to anyplace in the world, i would go to greece, amsterdam or new york. i’d really love to get away someday. in the future, i’d love to work in the media industry and live in a cozy apartment in a big city. i love visiting museums and themeparks, beaches and beautiful cities. i love poetry and stories about adventure. i write too, sometimes. though i can’t find the urge nowadays. but i’m trying to. hopefully i can get things done this summer. 

some random facts: i am a firm believer in astrological truths and i get pizza instead of cake for my birthday. 

if you happen to actually be interested, you can write to me at fides_911@yahoo.com or you could also reach me at my tumblr: raveleux.tumblr.com x

i’ve never tried post/snailmail but i would love to! message me anytime. hope we can be friends :) 

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Hi everyone!

• Name: Mary Evangeline
• Age: 23
• Gender: Female
• Country: Singapore
• Tumblr URL: http://touching-heaven.tumblr.com/

I might seem shy at first when you talk to me but don’t worry, once I get to know you better, I’ll be super hyper and talkative!

I love travelling, photography, reading books such as sherlock holmes and harry potter, watching TV dramas especially japanese and korean one and listening to music.

I don’t like people who discriminate, who are racists and really rude.

I want to know more about you, your background, culture etc etc. And if you are curious, I can tell you more about myself! Do leave me a message on my tumblr and I’ll get back to you! I don’t mind snail mails or emails!

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Hello There!

Hello, I’m Olivia! 

Age: 15, but I’ll be 16 this summer

Gender: Of the female variety

Country: U.S.A.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, procrastination, binge watching netflix, music

Likes: Cats, books, chocolate

Languages I can speak: My native language is English, and I’m learning German, and I love learning any new language!

What I look for in a Pen Pal: Some one who doesn’t drop off after a few letters.

I’d prefer snail mail, and I’m fine with pen pals from anywhere. 

Come message me if you want to be pen pals!

My tumblr URL is hersheyschocolateworld.tumblr.com, or you can email me at bravenewclockworkorange@gmail.com

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Pigeon letters~

Hi! I’m Ash Dove! I’m seventeen and live in Washington State, USA. I adore writing letters. I am nonbinary in gender. I am Pagan.

My fandoms include welcome to night vale, Good Omens, Star Trek, anything Neil Gaiman, Les Miserables, Vikings, and Firefly.

My tumblr url is www.Coocolumbidae.tumblr.com

I work at a museum and spend my free time reading and writing. I live with a pigeon we adopted; she’s a rescue.

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Name: Marina

Gender: Female

Age: 15 

Country: Argentina

Languages: English - Spanish

Tumblr: m-usicvices.tumblr.com

Likes: I like nature, traveling, exploring abondened things, grafitti and animals. I looooove music mi fav band is Mayday Parade but I’m really open to a lot of music genres.

Lets see.. I like doing sports and moving around but I also enjoy reading and playing video games.

Dislikes: fake people

Fandoms: Merlin, Reing, Harry Potter

I would love to do the snail mail thing because I love old fashioned things but i reckon it’s easier through email, and cheaper. I don’t judge and I have no preferences :) Anyone from anywhere is fine 

Flyff Chinese Cute Angel Mail